Sunday, September 15, 2013

Everything is coming up Milhouse.

There is so much going on.
Looks like we'll be moving over the course of the winter.  Jim got a call and is going to take a new job.  The kids found a mess of caterpillars.  I thought they were for monarch butterflies but under closer inspection, they are swallowtails.  So looks like we'll have a bunch of butterflies. 
Life was so hard for such a long time and now things are going our way.
We paid off all of our debt.  We have a lot to be happy about right now.  My chubby baby is sleeping next to me right now. 
I'm just smiling and giving the biggest sigh of happiness and contentment. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

New opportunities

Something kind of crazy is on the horizon.
My husband's grandma passed away recently and there is the matter of her estate.   It looks like a real possibility that we would be moving into her house in the not too distant future.  It is almost the exact same square footage as our house we have now.  The yard is a lot smaller.  The layout is kinda weird but our mortgage would be literally half of what we are paying now.  We would be in a neighborhood, not a subdivision with fees.  It makes me sad to move the kids to a different school.  We would be moving in the spring when school is over.  I get kind of skittish about change, especially change this big.  it would be nice because we could slowly remodel things over the winter and get our house ready to sell.  We would be living in the Point, which would be cool. 
I would get to dictate the entire remodel of the kitchen and adding an addition.  I am excited about the possibilities.  With the house we bought, it was the height of the market and up until very recently, our mortgage was under water. 
It would be nice to have a lower down payment and be able to seriously upgrade.  To FINALLY have the kitchen I've always wanted.  We were going to upgrade our kitchen then the heater broke, then the roof had to be replaced.  There has always been some huge expense that stopped us from remodeling like I wanted to.  We'll see.  Everything is in the "talking" phase right now. 
I look forward to see where it goes. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

3 weeks (since I've looked at me)

My little peanut is almost 3 weeks old. 
I have ordered his book that I made during my pregnancy and just have to slap stamps on the rest of the birth announcements. 
So what to do now? 
I have been looking into getting a nice abdominal binder.  The one from the hospital was actually pretty affective BUT I had a horrible reaction from the scrub they used before surgery.  I had hives all over my abdomen and back, wherever they scrubbed me pre-operatively.  The binder I had was put on right over that soap.  The nurses thought it was a reaction from the elastic in the binder.  Not so, grasshopper.  I had very distinct marks where the soap was applied. 
So I had to give me poor skin about a week to recover.  Now that I'm done taking antihistamines and my hives are gone, I want to start to get my body back.  No longer a baby hotel, I want to be able to wear regular clothes, not stretchy workout stuff. 
Funny because my husband would tell me it's not something I need to spend money on, seeing as how we are both on leave right now. 
I am impetuous and just bought one online.  Should arrive on Tuesday, as well as my pregnancy book. 

A little bit about my life right now.  This is my 3rd baby.  3rd boy on top of that.  He is doing well.  He's almost 3 weeks old and about 10 pounds.  He sleeps about 4-5 hours at a time.  That's about the most exciting news I have right now.  My oldest son is 5 and just started school.  My second son is 4 and loves hanging out with his new brother and I.  My life has been a menagerie of breast feeding and trying to sleep as well as keeping Sam on schedule for the bus. 

We have had an eventful few weeks of being home.  Funeral and remodeling and all kinds of fun.

We are going to be watching a friend's son tonight.  Fun, fun.